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December News 2023

2023 Reflections and 2024 Insights

The end of the year gives us an opportunity to reflect on what has been happening in the hardware industry in the last 12 months. A key observation from our perspective is the shift in Bunnings’ strategy. Bunnings has historically had a growth and profit trajectory supported by expanding its geographic footprint with new store openings.
We now see them shifting to a “mature” business model. In 2022 we recorded 10 new store openings split as follows: four new sites, four replacement sites to larger stores and two full refits due to flooding in Queensland. So arguably there were in reality eight planned new stores for 2022. The numbers we recorded for 2023 are three in total with one being a new site and two being replacement sites to larger stores. We do not anticipate a substantial uptick in new store openings in 2024.
As Bunnings stabilises its geographic footprint, we see them aggressively introducing new categories to drive profit.
Pets and cleaning are clear examples of Bunnings moving to high volume “non-hardware” lines to maximise return out of their existing stores. It was interesting to see blinds made way for cleaning products. We would guess blinds are a once-every-ten-year purchase at best, but cleaning products would be many times per year.
Another indicator of a mature business is the rationalisation of merchandising functions across Australia / New Zealand resulting in the culling of staff in NZ and NZ ranges falling under the responsibility of Australian buyers. We anticipate this will lead to a greater homogenisation of ranges across the two countries.
We also see Bunnings introducing more sophisticated inventory management models to reduce overall stock levels while also striving to minimise out of stocks. As Bunnings systems change, we must evolve with it to deliver best practice solutions to our clients.
The other notable change we are experiencing is increased demand for hardware suppliers to bolster their presence in independent stores. We read this as being driven by an expected tightening in the Bunnings environment and demand in general. We have a wealth of experience with independents and the resources to support you in the field in 2024. We would love to chat to you about how we can help.

Welcome Mark Richards – New VIC/TAS State Supervisor

Mark joined us in November to lead our team of merchandisers in Victoria and Tasmania. Mark comes to us having worked for two other merchandising companies over the last 12 years, so he knows his stuff. He brings a wealth of knowledge of Bunnings systems and has plenty of experience with project work. Mark has met much of the team and looks forward to catching up with regional Vic and Tassie people in the new year. Mark reports “I am impressed with the team, the effort and pride in work stands out and everyone has been welcoming. We will continue to work together next year to raise the bar.”
When Mark is not working, he loves spending time with his two young kids, having a hit of golf and barracking for the Crows.
Welcome aboard Mark.


Projects Summary – December

We’ve got a lot going on this month so we will keep it brief:

  • WA Mitre 10 DC – update product labels in the M10 warehouse rather than returning stock to the supplier and document task completion
  • A Bunnings head office promotional allocation clip strip – identify the stock, hang and document completion
  •  New line allocation – identify stock, cut in and document completion(x2 clients)
  • In Aisle Training – present video and Q&A  and record results
  • Survey – check the status of displays and report
  • Update stock according to the planogram and document completion
  • Update product labels in store and document completion – Bunnings


Refits in Progress

•    Burnie, Tas – complete
•    Mindarie, WA – completion late March

There are more stores slated for the new year which we will share in January.

– New Store Update -

No change with the Noarlunga replacement scheduled for a mid-February 2024 opening. We kick off merchandising in January 2024.

November News 2023

Could You Be Servicing Independents Better?

Mitre 10, Thrifty Link, Home Hardware and True Value add up to a lot of stores across the country. Some are significant players and some, not so much. Are you giving the right stores the attention they deserve? Do you know where you should best allocate your resources? We know the stores where you can get bang for your buck utilising a regular call from our team to represent your brand!  If you want to pick up your game with independents in 2024, we are happy to put together a program that works for you.
If you would like more dedicated help with tool specialists, we would love to talk you too.

Helping our clients put their best foot forward with Mitre 10

K&B Mitre 10 recently relocated to a new premier location in Mt Gambier. It’s an exciting project for K&B to bring Mitre 10 and Total Tools under the one roof as they are both owned by K&B. These big projects can put pressure on suppliers, and we were there to help make this a smooth move with our client Brass Hards. We located and positioned the new shelf-ready display stock as the planogram and “job done” for another happy customer.

Upcoming Projects

Bunnings never stands still with a dynamic range needing continuous attention. Our clients need to keep pace, introducing new lines and removing them where necessary, in line with Bunnings planograms. We are always here to help and our upcoming project with UES Goliath is a typical example. Over the coming weeks, we will be cutting in new lines in the UES Goliath “Transport Half Bay.” As usual, we will track down the stock, position it as per the planogram and document our progress with photos loaded onto our A Team Live app.

Reminder re Christmas staff coverage

Last month we put out a reminder to those of you using a dual representation model asking if we can help with covering your staff leave over Christmas / New Year. We are putting our schedule together now, if you need assistance, please get in touch soon so we can fit you into our program.


There are a number of refits underway listed here.

Refits in Progress

•    Rosebay, NSW – complete
•    Wallsend. NSW – complete
•    Gympie, Qld – complete
•    Claremont, WA – complete
•    Coffs Harbour, NSW – complete
•    Ellenbrook, WA – complete
•    Glendale, NSW – completion moved to early December
•    Burnie, Tas – completion moved to early December
•    Lilydale, Vic – completion early December
•    Bethania, Qld – completion early December
•    Altona, Vic – completion mid December
•    North Penrith, NSW – completion mid December
•    Mindarie, WA – completion late March

– New Store Update -

Noarlunga replacement store continues to track along for a mid-February 2024 opening. Suppliers should have received opening stock orders in late November, and we are scheduled to be working on merchandising in January 2024.

October News 2023

Sharing Knowledge

Bunnings team members are busy people, and it is a real challenge for them to build product knowledge on all lines ranged in store. Sometimes it only takes the simplest actions to raise a brand profile and build product knowledge with Bunnings Team Members.
We have just implemented an initiative with Samsung Digital Door Locks where we simply remind team members that all products have unique QR codes on display stock that enable access to product information with a smartphone. We encourage team members to review the information and suggest they point this useful resource out to customers seeking further information.
We use our A Team Live reporting system to track the stores where we have implemented this initiative to enable accountability in the delivery of the program.
If you would like to explore how we can boost your profile in-store, we are happy to work through solutions that suit your needs.

It’s that time of the year

Another year is flying to a close. We are well into spring which drives some very seasonal products. So, it’s important for us to pay special attention to managing fast-moving stock in departments such as gardening. This means we keep a very close eye on identifying stockouts and working with team members to ensure suitable stock min/max levels are in place.
Christmas is just around the corner too. If you work on a dual representation model with your own staff working in the field too, keep in mind we can cover your staff leave with our team. If we can be of assistance, shout out and we can put a roster together for you.
Christmas / New Year is business as usual for us. Our field staff and office continue to work through with the exception of public holidays. We tend to do a little rescheduling of call cycles to accommodate public holidays, but we are all over staying on top of call compliance.

On the road check-ins

We are so keen on what we do we can’t help but check in on Bunnings stores even when we are on holiday! James Coghlan (one of our directors) has just come back from a recent road trip into regional Vic and NSW. James reported “It’s a great opportunity to conduct some informal audits of our merchandising standards. It was very pleasing to see the quality of stock presentation and coverage when I turned up unannounced in multiple stores across a couple of states. Well done to all our merchandisers and supervisors involved. You are doing a great job.”


Our director saw excellent merchandising standards on a recent trip

Our process for starting off a new client already in Bunnings

Over the years we have had plenty of practice at winning over and retaining new clients. We have formulated a procedure for smoothly transitioning our service for clients who are already ranged at Bunnings. We thought you might find a little summary helpful.
Prior to commencing
• Lock in a new start date. Bunnings like it to be on the first of the month as it helps keep their KPI reporting clean. We like it that way too.
• Formally advise Bunnings that a new merchandiser will represent the vendor with a couple of weeks’ notice.
• Determine lines of communication.
• Procure client’s range list – finelines, description, pack quantity, grades & images.
• Procure any other client product information – e.g., features and benefits and load it into our online portal – A Team Live.
• Work with the client to identify any specific tasks that require implementation including picking up any projects that may be part way through with the previous merchandiser.
• Brief admin and field staff on new client commencing.
• Train client on the use of A Team Live – reporting function.
On commencing
• Start fulfilling the VIS program and tracking performance in Bunnings Ap – Vendor Hub and A Team Live.
• Access planograms via the Bunnings app to ensure compliance.
• Conduct an initial range health audit and identify corrective actions.
• Conduct client review after initial visits.


There are a number of refits underway listed here.

Refits in Progress

•    Capalaba, Qld – complete
•    Coburg, Vic – complete
•    Cranbourne, Vic – complete
•    Rosebay, NSW – completion early November
•    Wallsend. NSW – completion early November
•    Gympie, Qld – completion mid November
•    Claremont, WA – completion mid November
•    Glendale, NSW – completion mid November
•    Burnie, Tas – completion mid November
•    Coffs Harbour, NSW – completion mid November
•    Ellenbrook, WA – completion mid November
•    Lilydale, Vic – completion early December
•    Bethania, Qld – completion early December
•    Altona, Vic – completion mid December

– New Store Update -

– Noarlunga replacement store scheduled to open mid-February 2024

Noarlunga replacement store remains on schedule for a mid-February 2024 opening. Suppliers should be receiving opening stock orders in late November, and we are scheduled to be working on merchandising in January 2024.

September News 2023

Ever Wondered What We Actually Do On A Regular VIS Service Call
- Learn more about us –

  • All services and task performed with Bunnings Building Supplies Pty Ltd guidelines.
  • Log into the procurement app.
  • Make contact with Team Member and Co-ordinator for all departments and follow up on issues, store concerns.
  • Detail updates on stock, new lines – if any, sales opportunities and product information as practicable.
  • Take before photos – relevant departments.
    Check on point of sale tear off pads as applicable and replace if necessary.
  • This requires going to the car and getting them or ordering them on A Team Live.
  • Ensure area and displays are safe, full, clean and stock is rotated and brought down from hand stock if necessary.
  • Clean areas, if necessary, repackage, repair boxes and dust as necessary.
  • Check shelf tickets. Make a list of replacements, prepare shelving and order via device.
  • Scan shelves for low or out of stock items. Check if there are any stock on hand in the store on device, pending orders and take action to correct.
  • Follow up on any outstanding orders on device.
  • Check the OGM (Organisation Grading Matrix) if unsure of ranges by store.
  • Follow up Min / Max levels in accordance with Bunnings Stock Management guidelines considering presentation, space allocation, sales demand, pack quantity, product seasonality, supplier call cycles and delivery times and record information in A Team Live.
  • Identify corrective action to be taken and communicate with store staff.
  • Submit any inventory adjustments on incorrect stock on hand audits / counts.
  • Go to the store office and collect shelf tickets and remove damaged or outdated tickets and replace with the new tickets.
  • Take after photos making note of any matters that need follow up.
  • Record any outstanding items in A Team Live under issues and comments from Team Members.
  • Make final inspection of relevant bays.
  • Make contact with store team members prior to leaving and advise of next service call.

– Queensland Visit –

Our GM, Matt Wild has just returned from a field trip to Queensland. The primary motivator was to conduct a comprehensive induction program for our new Queensland State Supervisor (see the separate piece on Nicole) but it also gave Matt a chance to see how things were looking in store land.
Matt reported “As Nicole is now stepping into a more senior role with A Team, we went through our administration processes of supervising a field team. We looked at processes such as scheduling staff and our auditing systems for approving completion of tasks. We worked through the mechanics of conducting a regular call and defined client expectations and best practice goals. After our initial call induction process, I have every confidence that Queensland is in good hands with Nicole.”

– Farewell Sherryn and Welcome Back Nicole

Our Queensland State Supervisor, Sherryn Patterson, has made a career change and headed off to the hospitality industry. Sherryn has been a great asset to the organisation, and we wish her all the best in hospitality. Nicole Godfrey has effortlessly slid into the role to replace Sherryn. Nicole has worked with A Team before and has buckets of experience in hardware and merchandising.
Nicole worked for Bunnings for about eight years and is well known around the Bunnings traps. She has had stints with various merchandising companies (including A Team) over the journey giving her great knowledge on new store set ups, refits and the day to day mechanics of Bunnings VIS. Nicole also has experience in the hardware independents so she is a great asset returning to A Team.
When Nicole doesn’t have her green shirt on, she loves her high performance V8 SS Commodore and Audi TT. A self-professed petrol head. Nicole has a background in car racing, but these days has a lot of fun at track days and getting around to various show events.
We wish Nicole well in the Bunnings aisles and on the racetrack.


There are a number of refits underway listed here.

Refits in Progress

•    Geelong North, Vic – complete
•    Randwick, NSW – complete
•    Warragul, Vic – complete
•    Capalaba, Qld – completion end September
•    Cranbourne, Vic – completion date moved to early October
•    Coburg, Vic – completion date moved to end September
•    Claremont, WA – completion date moved to mid-November
•    Altona, Vic – completion mid December

– New Store Update -

– Noarlunga replacement store scheduled to open mid-February 2024

The existing Noarlunga Bunnings will close in early 2024, with the new branch opening in Colonnades Centre. Bunnings Regional Manager, Tom Miller, told The Advertiser: “The proposed new store will feature an additional 1400sq m of retail space, a much-improved five-lane drive-through timberyard, as well as an additional 60 car spaces. The existing Noarlunga team will transfer to the new store, as well as the creation of around 20 new local jobs”

August News 2023

– Kicking Goals with HiKOKI –

HiKOKI are making strong inroads into Bunnings with expanding presence and model upgrades. We have been working alongside the HiKOKI team to update displays and stock on shelf. Important parts of the task are working to the display planogram, ensuring new features and benefits tickets are printed and placed for the display stock and shelf labels are updated for stock.
Working with the HiKOKI team is also a great way to enhance product knowledge on the job as we spend time with their product champions.


A Team Live is an efficient and effective tool to enable 1) head office staff to schedule tasks and deliver clear, consistent messages to all A Team field staff 2) all field staff to be able to readily access instructions and log task completion and any challenges encountered. The screen grabs below provide a small insight into the value of the package.

– Short Term Staff Coverage –

If you find it difficult to cover staff away on leave, we can help. We can fill the gap for personnel who may have a small sales territory combined with a merchandising function. We can also help with order-taking sales roles. Keep us in mind for a cost-effective solution to keep your wheels turning.


There are a number of refits underway listed below.

Refits in Progress

•    Rosebud, Vic – complete
•    Thomastown, Vic – complete
•    Geelong North, Vic – completion early September
•    Randwick, NSW – completion early September
•    Capalaba, Qld – completion mid September
•    Cranbourne, Vic – completion mid September
•    Coburg, Vic – completion date moved out to mid September
•    Warragul, Vic – completion date moved out to late September
•    Claremont, WA – completion late October
•    Lismore, Qld – completion mid December
•    Altona, Vic – completion mid December

New Store Update
- No more openings for this Calendar Year -

July News 2023

– Keeping in Touch –

Our directors, Lyn and James Coghlan were busy in the field in July. They took the time to catch up with some Sydney based client’s management and account teams. Lyn shared “It was great to get positive feedback on the services we are delivering and especially nice to hear that our State Supervisor Samantha and her team are held in high regard. We really do appreciate their efforts. We also had a good look around the stores. We could see with such a large organisation as Bunnings there is always going to be some challenges. Some stores were short on Bunnings team members and in some cases getting stock to shelf is taking longer than it should. But overall presentation is being managed nicely and our team are all over checking the status of out of stocks and keeping on top of ticketing.”

– Training –

Our army of people are keen to share your product knowledge with the Bunnings family. It’s easy for us to add a 5 minute in-aisle delivery program into our call cycles. Through our digital platform, A Team Live, we can track and report where and when we have delivered training sessions. Plus, all our team are armed with digital devices to deliver all kinds of content from PDFs through to videos. If you are looking for more formal training, we can work with you to meet your needs. Whatever you are looking to do, we can run with your content or if you are struggling for the time to put a training program together, we have the resources to do that too.

• Special Projects – Market Research •

As we have 140 people out in the field throughout the country, we are in a great position to assist with additional tasks our clients don’t have the internal resources to conduct themselves. In July we executed a small market research exercise outside of the hardware industry for a client looking to expand into other channels. We have a talented and flexible team. If you are looking to get something done that is a little outside the box, don’t hesitate to have a chat because there is a good chance we can help or point you in the right direction.


There are a number of refits underway listed below.

Refits in Progress

•    Greenacre, NSW – completed
•    Rosebud, Vic – completion date moved out to early August
•    Coburg, Vic – completion August
•    Thomastown, Vic – August
•    Warragul, Vic – completion date moved out to early September
•    Geelong North, Victoria – September
•    Claremont, WA – completion October

– New Store Update –

No more openings for this Calendar Year

Matt Wild, our GM attended the Preston new store opening which is always a great event. And with that done there are no more store openings for this calendar year.

June News 2023


Matt Wild, our GM has started to get around the country working with our state supervisors to ensure we execute consistently high standards in store throughout the country. Matt shared “It’s been great to catch up with the team in NSW and SA. It’s important to hear first hand what challenges there may be in the field and how we can help. It’s equally important to share with the team how we see the priorities and processes to create the best outcomes for our customers.”

– Dedicated Instore Support –

Some product suppliers to Bunnings use a merchandising company to fulfil Bunnings VIS commitments and retain their own sales team to perform higher end functions such as maintaining complex sales displays or share detailed product knowledge. We are well known for providing highly cost effective shared call merchandising services. But we also provide dedicated services where our trained team members perform call cycles exclusively for one client. This gives our team the focus to develop greater expertise and execute more complex tasks. Using our resources can be more cost effective than an in-house sales team or free your team up to concentrate on other sales in focused channels. If this is something you would like to explore we would love to hear from you.

May News 2023

– Bunnings Stock Management Revisited –

We find this is an area not always understood by our clients so we thought it would be a good idea to have another look at the four systems we work with for Bunnings. It might help you to explain to others in your organisation just how Direct Ordering, Supplier Assisted Stock Replenishment (SASR), Predictive Optimised Min / Max (POMM) and DC lines work.

1. Direct Ordering

This is the most manual system where Bunnings gives the maximum amount of control to the vendor. As an authorized merchandiser we have the access to place an order and adjust min/max levels. We need to monitor stock on hand, review stock orders in the system and take into account sales out data. It is the most time-intensive system for merchandisers and requires the most expertise to manage well. Direct ordering is only used in a limited number of departments such as Timber, Green life and Hire Shop.

2. Supplier Assisted Stock Replenishment (Supplier ASR)

This is a semi-automated system. Supplier ASR allows/requires merchandisers’ input to manage min/max levels to control stock effectively. The system then automatically orders if the stock on hand falls below the min level set on the scheduled order cycle. The order will generate regardless of Minimum Order Value. We play a vital role in keeping stock levels right by working with team members every day on these min/max levels. Again, we monitor stock on hand, review stock orders in the system and take into account sales out data.

3. Predictive Optimised Min / Max (POMM)

This, in theory, is a fully automated system. Min/max are system generated and merchandisers cannot adjust them. These “locked” min/max trigger automatic stock ordering. Merchandisers still need to be on their toes because the system isn’t always right. Our role is to check for stock gaps/orders/sales history and submit a request for min/max adjustment when required.

4. DC Lines Support

These are products that Bunnings order directly to their distribution centre and send to individual stores themselves. In theory, Bunnings should fully control DC lines with no input from vendors/merchandisers. However, we find vendors benefit from merchandisers conducting inspections for anomalies and reporting them back up the line. We are being commissioned to do this kind of work often because the vendor sees the value in it.


QEP have been very active in expanding their range in Bunnings and have had to be creative in making space. We have been tasked with executing a relay to cut more stock in. QEP have shown how it is possible to make better use of space by switching to resized boxes that work just that little more efficiently. Our General Manager, Matt Wild has been active in this project as he likes to keep his finger on the pulse in the field.

Relay makes room to cut in new lines


There are a number of refits underway listed below.

Refits in Progress

• Marion, SA – completion May
• Chatswood – completion May
• Frankston – completion May
• Armadale, WA – completion June
• Morayfield Qld – completion June
• Warragul – Vic – completion August

Preston and Wonthaggi

Tasker is our resident new store set-up guru in Victoria. He has just been working on Preston and reports the following. “It’s a nice new big store with a car park at ground level and the actual store on the second level. It has been a very smooth set-up. Scheduling of crews in-store has been great because we are not all here at once tripping over each other. Stock availability has also been good which has been a challenge over the last couple of years. All in all, Preston is going along nicely with a scheduled completion date of late June. I will also be working on Wonthaggi shortly which also has a targeted completion of late June.”

That new store feeling underway

April News 2023

Our Take On Merchandising In The Hardware Industry

Regarded as one of the leaders in merchandising to the hardware industry we were invited to participate in the Australian Hardware Journal. It covers what makes us different, events of the last 12 months and what we see us the critical success factors moving forward.

Read excerpt below


Sometimes we just like to show a little appreciation to staff doing a great job. Robyn Borrelli has demonstrated a high standard of looking up and executing written instructions provided on our online app A Team Live.


Robyn Borrelli receives a gift voucher from Sandra Black



There are still a number of refits underway listed below.

Refits in Progress

• Marion, SA – completion May
• Chatswood, NSW – completion May
• Frankston, Vic – completion May
• Armadale, WA – completion June
• Morayfield, Qld – completion June
• Warragul, Vic – completion August


Last month we gave you the details on two new stores underway – Preston in May and Wonthaggi in June. If you would like to revisit this



Did you know we can help you with your marketing. Our marketing partners are hardware industry experts and can be deployed on a project basis to help in a number of areas.


  • Marketing Plans
  • Range reviews
  • Product and competitor analysis
  • Pricing


  • Bunnings specific point of sale material
  • Training content
  • Media releases
  • Technical writing – manuals etc
  • Packaging
  • Brochures
  • Websites
  • Email marketing
  • Social Media
  • Advertising
  • Signage
  • Video production
  • Sales incentive programs
  • Presentations
  • Conferences

March News 2023

A Typical Month at A Team

Standard merchandising calls at Bunnings is at the core of what we do but there are always other projects our clients need doing. Here are some of the other tasks we successfully completed for our clients this month. Wrong barcodes on packaging just seems to be one of those things that happens from time to time. In our regular journey plan, we carried over-stickers and sorted the problem out without any fuss. Following on from a successful detailed stock audit of selected lines, our client has now moved us to a comprehensive stock check on ranged lines in another category.  We even conducted stock-on-hand checks for clients’ DC lines. In theory, DC lines don’t need any supplier attention. However, we are finding more than ever regaining stock integrity to trigger orders is the key issue for our clients.


Last month we spoke about the various approaches to conducting a Bunnings refit. This month we highlight one in action. Our client Stabila features in the “Mark and Measure” section across three bays along with a number of other brands. The section includes products such as lasers, tape measures, levels and pencils.
Bunnings divided the project up such that each supplier conducted the full refit in a certain number of stores. The number of stores assigned to each supplier was based on their “market share”. Therefore, Stabilla commissioned us to complete the stores assigned to them, reorganising their brand along with all the other brands in the space. It is an efficient way to execute the program because we follow the planogram and don’t have to work around anyone else.
The project involved pulling off stock, installing new shelving types, Dexion upright holders, new POS, new hooks and labels. We then reload stock and photograph the finished result.

Refits Currently Underway

Tamworth, NSW – completion end  March
Scoresby, VIC – completion end March
Marion, SA – completion May
Armadale, WA – completion June
Morayfield, Qld – completion June
Warragul, VIC – completion August

One of the bays we refitted in “Mark and Measure”


We are scheduled to start work on Preston in May and Wonthaggi in June. We would expect you would be sorting out your Bunnings orders during April. Here is a bit more about each store.

Preston, VIC

Located at the corner of Bell St and Chifley Drive in Preston, Vic it replaces the Northland store. Spanning 18,000 sqm of retail area, it is more than 5000 sqm bigger than its predecessor. It has a fully enclosed trade yard and drive-through and about 500 customer car parks.
Carrying an updated and wider range of home and lifestyle products, Preston is scheduled to be opened around June.

Wonthaggi, VIC

The new Wonthaggi store will double the size of the existing one at 9,000sq m and more than 200 parking spaces. The $22 million development includes a main warehouse, outdoor nursery, timber trade sales area, cafe and a playground. The target opening date is around June.

Artist impression of Wonthaggi store.

February News 2023

Stock on hand Audit Program - Goliath UES

We have just worked with our client on a specific program to improve the status of six lines that were identified to be underperforming. As Bunnings has moved to more of an automated system, the accuracy of stock on hand has become even more critical for triggering re-ordering. If “the system” shows a higher stock level than the actual physical stock on hand, stock will not be ordered optimally and therefore impact on sales. Likewise, min/maxs that do not reflect sales volume will also lead to underordering.
Our task was to conduct a physical stock take of the six lines in all stores and work with Bunnings to correct system stock levels and adjust min/maxs as required. A significant number of corrections were made which will see an upturn in sales in these lines.


Refits Currently Underway

Keysborough, Vic – completion March
Rouse Hill, NSW – completion March
Tamworth, NSW – completion March
Scoresby, Vic – completion March
Mentone, Vic – completion March
Marion, SA – completion May
Armadale, WA – completion June

We regularly update you on new store setups as there is always a bit of a buzz about a brand-new store. However, refits are also a major part of the Bunnings program to keep their huge portfolio of stores fresh and ranging contemporary stock. Bunnings objective is for the store to look like brand new when we are done.
We support refits in a variety of ways. Sometimes they are as a complete bay project where we take responsibility for re-arranging our client’s stock as well as any other lines in the bay. In these instances, costs are shared by the various suppliers. On other occasions, we are tasked specifically with the placement of our clients’ lines. And at the simplest level, we just audit the refit work that has been conducted by the Bunnings team. In all of these instances, working to the planogram is the key to securing the appropriate space for our client’s products and working within Bunnings parameters.
When we are assigned as the project leader for a complete bay refit, the process is as follows:
• Contact the store to ascertain if the bay refit can be executed on the assigned day or whether a reschedule is required. (As a whole store needs to be worked through it is not unusual for scheduling to creep out.)
• On arrival in the store make contact with the coordinator to advise the project is going to be implemented.
• Remove stock from shelves as required.
• Remove Dexion shelving and relocated to new heights as required.
• Clean shelving
• Put aside any deranged stock.
• Replace display boxes with new ones as required.
• Refresh point of sale and or displays.
• Remerchandise as per planogram.
• Relabel shelving.
• Photograph refit completed project.
• Advise coordinator project has been completed.



As most of you would know A Team Live is our online reporting system specifically developed to support our needs. It provides our clients with valuable real-time information and also helps our supervisors and managers monitor our team’s compliance. A recent extensive review identified opportunities to further improve our clients’ experience and optimise our internal efficiencies.
Updates you can look forward to include:
•  Simplified, graphical-based reporting showing project progress. For example, charts identifying at a glance the percentage of stores completed for a specific project.
•  Upgraded photo capability. Our team will now be able to label photos for easy identification, notes can be added for further explanation as to what you can see. Multiple before and after photos can be logged for a call where they add value.

January News 2023

Big Display Bin Allocation

Our client QEP are a leading player in the flooring category at Bunnings. As part of ongoing growth, QEP have launched Peel and Stick Tiles kicking off with four allocated lines. The product presents in eye-catching display bins. The allocation arrives at store with palletised stock and flat-pack display bins. At a logistical level, our job is to track down stock, assemble display bins, organise ticketing and work with team members to secure high-visibility display locations. We also take the time to educate team members on this new product. The allocation came in two waves with the first batch hitting nearly 50 stores in early January and we are now getting stuck into the second wave of approximately 60 stores right now. And we are hearing customers are coming in asking for the new product gaining exposure on Tik Tok. It’s always rewarding to play our part in driving clients’ success.

QEP display bins are rolling out in over 100 stores across the country.

Sherryn and Nick are on top of QEP display bin allocations.

Stock Bouncing Back

After a period of stock challenges in certain lines caused by a dramatic factory fire, Sutton Tools are bouncing back with a stock replenishment program. A Teamers have been busy around the country on a special project reclaiming shelf space from competing brands that were temporarily filling the gap. This has involved us physically removing substitute brands and reloading Sutton lines as per the planogram. It’s great to see our client’s product back where it belongs!

Great to see Sutton Tools 
stock back where it belongs.

Update - Caboolture

Our work for the end of January Caboolture Bunnings opening has been right on target. Complex Manager Emily Sweet, Operations Manager Mark Edwards and Team have set a fantastic example of a great working environment with a terrific culture.
A Team State Supervisor Sherryn Patterson along with A Teamer Nicholas Rinaldi have been putting the final touches across all sales partners. Sherryn explained that it has been a fun set-up, with an average of 49 pallets being processed per day, and a total to date of 3,344 pallets to fill this new store.
Caboolture has a population of 26,433 people and Bunnings will service a wide demographic from Bribie Island, Elimbah, West Caboolture and Morayfield. As always Bunnings is perfectly positioned just off the highway with many new developments planned for the future.