NEWS 2021



Doncaster, Vic

As we are putting this news together the Bunnings Doncaster opening is imminent. The new warehouse sits below a luxury Mercure hotel. It represents an investment by Bunnings of more than $90 million and will span just over 11,000 sq m, with over 300 carparking spaces. It’s located at 659 Doncaster Rd, next to Westfield Doncaster.

Campbelltown, NSW

The massive 17,000 sqm site had its official ribbon-cutting launch in November. We had a bit of a scramble to do our part in getting the store up and running after lockdowns.  We managed to finish the job in just two weeks which is a real testament to the dedication of our team.

Located at the corner of Blaxland Road and Farrow Road, the new store is replacing Campbelltown’s existing Bunnings on Kellicar Road. The store will be staffed by 150 team members from the existing location, as well as more than 100 fresh faces.


Anne Atkins, Samantha Gilboy and Suzanne Hanaford having fun executing the Mittagong store refit for Saint Gobain

Refits are an important part of Bunnings store development program. The objective is to rejuvenate, adapt to changing needs and make it feel like a brand new store. Sometimes the stores are extended in this process. We play a critical part in ensuring our clients brands are represented in the execution of these programs.

We work closely with Bunnings and our clients to achieve the best result on a variety of tasks. Product displays are sometimes quite complex, and we have the expertise to replace or refresh these. Relaying bays is nearly always part of a refit, and we have the experience to get the job done to a high standard using bay layout guides. We have great attention to detail with replacing POS cartons and working with Bunnings team members to update shelf labels. We are accountable to our clients as we photographically document all our work and upload it to our reporting system A Team Live. Clients can log in and review our progress 24/7 wherever there is an internet connection.


Round The Traps

With all states out of lockdown, A Team Merchandisers have been extra busy getting stores back up to scratch with lots of additional tasks including setting up side stacks for promotional items, bay relays, stock counts / adjustments and cutting in new lines.


Kasey Aquilina who has been an A Team Merchandiser for a year has stepped up into the Brand Ambassador role. She is taking over from Suzanne Hannaford who has stepped down to pursue her dream career. Suzanne will continue with us two days a week. We wish both these lovely ladies all the best in their new roles.

For those unfamiliar with the brand ambassador program, this is how it works.

On designated calls Brand Ambassadors are 100% dedicated to the appointed brand in assigned metro areas. They focus on specialised tasks such as maintaining complex displays to a consistent standard, intensive focus on POS, F&B tags, off location displays and sharing market information with Bunnings staff.

Colleague mentoring and client collaboration is also important. Our ambassadors bolster brand presence in regional areas by conducting training for our regular merchandising team and performing audits on program execution standards. Our ambassadors also work with client area managers for any troubleshooting or special requirements.

Kasey Aquilina steps up to the Brand Ambassador role in NSW


More A Team legends


  • Brad Moore (Vic) – 12 Years
  • Vivienne Kinleyside (Vic) – 9 Years
  • Wendy Francis (WA) – 7 Years
  • Susanne Peck (Vic) – 5 Years
  • Rebecca Tussler (WA) – 5 Years
  • Kate Green (NSW) – 4 Years
  • Ana Church (NSW) – 3 Years
  • Jamilur Chowdhury (NSW) – 3 Years
  • Jessica Lacorte (SA) – 3 Years
  • Tracie Weidman (NSW) – 2 Years
  • John Oppelaar (SA) – 2 Years
  • Paula Bone (WA) – 2 Years
  • Wendy Dryden (WA) – 2 Years
  • John Bradley (QLD) – 1 Year
  • Dianne Morris (NSW) – 1 Year


  • Glenda Cooke (Vic) – 6 Years
  • Tania Overend (Tas) – 6 Years
  • Julie McClelland (Vic) – 4 Years
  • Joshua Lawrence (SA) – 3 Years
  • Kerry Ferrara (Office)-3 years 
  • Feryal Allaoui (Vic) – 2 Years
  • Pamela Thomas (NSW) – 2 Years
  • Barbara Hay (WA) – 1 Year

October News 2021

Who is ATeam

A Team was formed in 2010 to provide a cost effective solution to Bunnings suppliers. Over the years we have evolved to become an extension of our client’s business supporting them with many functions in their relationship with Bunnings – much, much more than tidying shelves.

Lyn and James Coghlan – Directors

Starting with the fundamentals, we provide 100% store coverage at a cost that can’t be achieved using company representatives. We service stores 52 weeks of the year and can tailor a call frequency that meets your needs. We focus purely on the hardware industry and understand Bunnings systems and requirements intimately. Our field team comprises 140+ trained, dedicated, professional people, covering metropolitan and regional Australia.
Classic merchandising is just the beginning of what we do. Our Vendor Instore Support (VIS) revolves around maintaining the highest of presentation standards based on a comprehensive checklist and a commitment to getting it right. We work with our clients to manage the four critical Bunnings stock management systems: direct ordering, supplier assisted stock replenishment, predictive optimised min / max and DC lines.

Project services are also critical to our client success. We take care of new store set ups and refits, display set up and maintenance, new product roll outs, reworks and much more which takes a lot of hassle and stress away from our clients.
A very important and unique tool we have developed is “A Team Live”. We use it to monitor and share our performance. Our clients are able to log in to our server and see exactly what stores are being serviced, frequency of calls, order values and much more. Our staff are required to upload photos of projects completed at every store. This gives our clients confidence that we are getting the job done.
We even have the resources to provide you with a freelance marketing and design department highly experienced in all things hardware.
And finally, we pride ourselves on being responsive, reliable and relationship focused. We understand quick resolution of challenges is critical in this dynamic industry. We keep our promises and never promise what we cannot deliver. We go over and above to get you results.

Round The Traps

Back doing our job in Sydney

What can we say WE ARE BACK.

Ashfin, NSW north supervisor, working closely with Bunnings staff

Sherryn Patterson

– Appointed Queensland State Supervisor

The hardware industry has some talented people and Sherryn Patterson is a great example. Sherryn started at Bunnings 22 years ago and was elevated to the role of Operations Manager. After that she had an 18 year stint with another merchandising company. Now that is a lot of experience! On top of that Sherryn has found the time to earn an MBA and even lectures part time at the University of Queensland in economics.

Sherryn joined us in February and took on the Queensland State Supervisor role in September. Sherryn told us “I am doing what I love in the hardware industry and A Team is a great company to work for. I have a formidable team to work with in Queensland and I look forward to leading this fantastic bunch of people to deliver great results for Bunnings and our clients.” We are lucky to have her.

Shelley Langley – Two Promotions

A couple of months ago we celebrated Shelley being promoted to State Supervisor for WA. Now we are proud to share her promotion from 2nd Lieutenant to Lieutenant in the Australian Army Cadets. Shelley was introduced to the Cadets when her son was a Cadet Under Officer (highest Cadet rank) where she started as a volunteer in administration. Shelley enjoyed it so much she stayed on when her son “aged out”.

She has worked her way from volunteer to staff member able to wear army greens. After extensive courses and training, taking her completely out of her comfort zone, Shelley can lead a unit of 45 Army Cadets on day activities and weekend camps.
Well done Shelley.


More A Team legends

  • Peiter Ponsaing (NSW) – 10 Years WOW WHAT AN ACHIEVEMENT!!!
  • Michelle Warway (VIC) – 8 Years
  • Donna Ormerod (NSW) – 7 Years
  • Ross Andrews (NSW) – 5 Years
  • Suzanne Hasseloff (VIC) – 3 Years
  • Janice Bradley (QLD) – 3 Years
  • Kasey Aquilina (NSW) – 1 Year
  • Samantha Tarling (WA) – 1 Year

September News 2021


Recent display upgrade has been executed and fully documented for client.

One of our suppliers secured another line in the electronic door lock category. This has led to our merchandisers revamping the door lock display. To date we have been able to execute in QLD, WA, SA and selected regional Vic and NSW stores.

The task involved our merchandisers taking out the displays and making space to add the new door lock line. We pulled out the drills to make sure the door locks were secured to the bay. We finished off with fresh ticketing for best presentation.

As always, the before and after photos were logged in our live reporting system so our supervisors and our client could monitor progress.

Round The Traps

We are working hard keeping the wheels turning in lock down using remote communication. While we all look forward to the day of face to face contact across the country, we are doing our bit to stay engaged.

Our Business Development Manager, Ben WIlliams has conducted online training for one of our key clients. We were able to repurpose client training content to share with our brand ambassadors and state supervisors. We covered multiple learning modules boosting our confidence and knowledge to share with Bunnings team members, in turn fostering sales.

We have been staying in touch with store co-ordinators for specific categories still on direct order. This has been a real positive with order values and our store contacts following through. We also keep our clients in the loop with weekly updates.



We just have to share one of our team’s Paralympic joy! Queensland merchandiser, Sherryn Patterson is the proud mum of Lakeisha Patterson who took home gold in the 400m freestyle.

Lakeisha Patterson OAM, aka Lucky is a gold medallist, world champion and 19 time world record holder with a different ability. Cerebral Palsy, left Hemiplegia means Lucky’s left side doesn’t grow muscle.

This functionality has never stopped her from conquering the world. Debuting in 2014, Lucky has competed at multiple Commonwealth Games, Paralympics and World Championships. Lucky now has her sights set on the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games.

While Lucky is also a full time Uni Student, she is always spreading the word about an inclusive and diverse future. She is setting exciting goals like learning to fly a plane because the sky is the limit.

Sherryn told us, as a family they are on this crazy ride together, ticking off the goals one at a time, loving every moment and creating many memories along the way.


More A Team legends
  • Lisa Timp (NSW) – 6 Years
  • Suzanne Hannaford (NSW) – 5 Years
  • Rachael Goncalves (VIC) – 4 Years
  • Donna Morris (NSW) – 4 Years
  • Nichole Hopkins (NSW) – 3 Years
  • Rosanna Marasco (VIC) – 3 Years
  • Pauline Barber (NSW) – 3 Years
  • Kristie Moschion (WA) – 3 Years
  • Robert Lynch (QLD) – 2 Years
  • Angella Roth (NSW) – 1 Year
  • Tracey Craven (NSW) – 1 year

August News 2021

A Team Sets Sights on Growth

A Team Merchandising is very pleased to announce the appointment of Ben Williams to the role of Business Development Manager. Ben has come to the business to assist in the next phase of growth. A Team is a well-established merchandising company 100% dedicated to the hardware industry.

Lyn Coghlan, A Team Director advised “Our growth has come from our intimate knowledge of the hardware industry combined with some fundamental business values and the development of specialised technology. We always aim to be responsive as we understand this is a dynamic industry where quick resolutions to challenges are critical. Reliability is important to our clients – we keep our promises and never promise what we can’t deliver. We place emphasis on relationships and go over and above to deliver client results. Our online reporting system A Team Live is a powerful client portal to share our performance in store. It gives our clients tremendous confidence in the job we do for them.” Lyn continued “We are pleased to have Ben on board as his approach to business aligns with our values and he has a great track record of developing business growth in the hardware industry.”

Ben added “I look forward to building on the work already done with Lyn and her team with our existing customer base and forging new opportunities with new clients.” Ben is well equipped for the task having performed multiple roles in the hardware industry. He has been involved from the supply side, retail and notably merchandising.

Most recently Ben was National Sales Manager at Sutton Tools where he was responsible for major accounts and a large sales team. Ben worked his way up having previously held roles as Territory Account Manager and State Sales Manager.

Ever Wondered What We Actually Do On A Regular VIS Service Call

- Learn more about us -

To enable merchandising to the highest of standards our staff are comprehensively trained to follow a meticulous procedure and audited by our supervisors.


  • All services and task performed with Bunnings Building Supplies Pty Ltd guidelines.
  • Log into the procurement app.
  • Make contact with Team Member and Co-ordinator for all departments and follow up on issues, store concerns.
  • Detail updates on stock, new lines – if any, sales opportunities and product information as practicable.
  • Take before photos – relevant departments.
  • Check on point of sale tear off pads as applicable and replace if necessary. This requires going to the car and getting them or ordering them on A Team Live.
  • Ensure area and displays are safe, full, clean and stock is rotated and brought down from hand stock if necessary.
  • Clean areas if necessary, repackage, repair boxes and dust as necessary.
  • Check shelf tickets. Make a list of replacements, prepare shelving and order via device.
  • Scan shelves for low or out of stock items. Check if there are any stock on hand in the store on device, pending orders and take action to correct.
  • Follow up on any outstanding orders on device.
  • Check the OGM (Organisation Grading Matrix) if unsure of ranges by store.
  • Follow up Min / Max levels in accordance with Bunnings Stock Management guidelines considering presentation, space allocation, sales demand, pack quantity, product seasonality, supplier call cycles and delivery times and record information in A Team Live.
  • Identify corrective action to be taken and communicate with store staff.
  • Submit any inventory adjustments on incorrect stock on hand audits / counts.
  • Go to the store office and collect shelf tickets and remove damaged or outdated tickets with the new tickets.
  • Take after photos making note of any matters that need follow up.
  • Record any outstanding items in A Team Live under issues and comments from Team Members.
  • Make final inspection of relevant bays
  • Make contact with store team members prior to leaving and advise of next service call.

Round The Traps

WA has been re-energised with the appointment of Shelley Langley to the position of State Supervisor. Shelley is ably supported by 2IC Jan Davies. Combined, they bring great knowledge and passion to getting things done at floor level.

Shelley Langley – State Supervisor – WA

Shelley has recently been appointed state supervisor in WA. Shelley comes from a broad retail background and has been learning the ropes as a merchandiser with A Team for the last three years. Shelley explains “I really enjoy working in the fast-paced environment helping our team and Bunnings team members to create the best retail experience for our suppliers and Bunnings. We work hard everyday to keep on top of the basics such as store presentation standards, inventory management and bay layouts.

Jan Davies – 2IC – WA

Jan has been with A Team for 4 years and has been 2IC for most of that time. Jan has a strong commercial background with previous management roles in logistics and operations. Jan says the job keeps her on her toes “We are always on the alert for fighting for our brands, maintaining our shelf space and seeking the best opportunities for promotional locations. The work is rewarding is because we usually see an immediate result for what we do. Often we walk in and see store presentation is crying out for attention and by the time we leave it is looking a million dollars.”

Jan added “I am enjoying working with Shelley Langley and providing her support however I can.”


More A Team legends

  • Anne Atkins (NSW) – 11 Years
  • Chris Herrmann (QLD) – 6 Years
  • Kasia King (QLD) – 6 Years
  • Angela Ryan (SA) – 2 Years
  • Gary Ross (QLD) – 2 Years
  • Leanne Tremellan (VIC) – 1 Year
  • Judy Clarke  (QLD) – 1 Year

July News 2021

Bunnings Stock Management Explained

Bunnings is a complex business with many systems and procedures that can leave some suppliers confused. Here we provide a simple breakdown of the four stock management systems that we work with for Bunnings. This might help you to explain to others in your organisation just how Direct Ordering, Supplier Assisted Stock Replenishment (SASR), Predictive Optimised Min / Max (POMM) and DC lines work.

1. Direct Ordering

This is the most manual system where Bunnings gives the maximum amount of control to the vendor. As an authorized merchandiser we have the access to place an order and adjust min / max levels. We need to be aware of stock on hand and review stock on order. It is the most time intensive system for merchandisers and requires the most expertise to manage well. Direct ordering is only used in a limited number of departments such as Timber, Greenlife and Hire Shop.

2. Supplier Assisted Stock Replenishment (Supplier ASR)

This is a semi automated system. Supplier ASR allows / requires merchandisers input to manage min / max levels to control stock effectively. The system then automatically orders if the stock on hand falls below the min level set on the scheduled order cycle. The order will generate regardless of Minimum Order Value. We play a vital role in keeping stock levels right by working with team members every day on these min / max levels.

3. Predictive Optimised Min / Max (POMM)

This is in theory, is a fully automated system. Min / max are system generated and merchandisers cannot adjust them. These “locked” min / max trigger automatic stock ordering. Merchandisers still need to be on their toes because the system isn’t always right. Our role is to check for stock gaps and submit a request for min / max adjustment when required.

4. DC Lines Support

These are products that Bunnings order directly to their distribution centre and send to individual stores themselves. In theory, Bunnings should fully control DC lines with no input from vendors / merchandisers. However, we find vendors benefit from merchandisers conducting inspections for anomalies and reporting them back up the line. We are being commissioned to do this kind of work often because the vendor sees the value in it.


Marketing and Design Service

- Hardware Industry Experts -

We are excited to announce we are partnering with a small freelance marketing and design team headed up by a former Bunnings supplier senior manager. The team can be deployed on a project basis and have strong hardware experience having worked on categories such as hand tools, power tool accessories, garden and plumbing. The team is also  well qualified with a marketing degree, communications degree and many years industry experience in graphic design amongst the ranks.

See how we can help you.


  • Bunnings specific point of sale material
  • Training content
  • Media releases
  • Technical writing – manuals etc
  • Packaging
  • Brochures
  • Websites
  • Email marketing
  • Social Media
  • Advertising
  • Signage
  • Video production
  • Sales incentive programs
  • Presentations
  • Conferences


  • Marketing Plans
  • Range reviews
  • Product and competitor analysis
  • Pricing

Round The Traps

Much of the country is in lockdown again. We have definitely observed from previous experiences that our absence even for a short time results in store presentation standards not being maintained. We know we will have a lot of work ahead of us to bring stores back to our standard, but we have done it before and we will do it again.

On a brighter note, we are doing our part with our first work experience placement under the guiding eye of Vic State Supervisor Susan Waheed. Yasmin has been a great help with new store setups, store refits and relays.

Susan Waheed (L) with Yasmin (R) our work experience placement



Here are some more of our A Team legends.

  • Liza Cavanaugh NSW – 3 Years
  • Michelle Puckeridge – 2 Years
  • Samantha Gilboy NSW – 1 Year
  • Lana Saunders – 1 Year

June News 2021


An example of well positioned dump bins – Coffs Harbour NSW

Collaborating with our clients leading up to major promotional periods can deliver great results. In this this project the objective is to maximise exposure and sales prior to and during the Father’s Day peak period. We worked with a key power tool accessories client to place an allocation of dump bins and 4 products in 57 regional stores across Australia.

Our merchandisers are highly experienced in maximising retail opportunities and have strong working relationships with Bunnings Team Members. This has resulted in us securing some fantastic locations in tool shops where the product is front and centre to ensure sales off take.


We provide a range of services to our clients to ensure we stay ahead of the game. This month we take a look at training. We take pride in passing product knowledge onto store team members with regular programs such as;

  • Point of purchase (POP) quiz programmes.
  • 10 Minute trainer for Bunnings Team Members on features & benefits or new lines
  • Store specific information on sales ranking to encourage competition between stores
  • Aisle Angels for top stores
  • Ladies nights and store special events
  • Participation in client programs
  • Participation in Bunnings strategic management courses to ensure GMROII together with KPI’s are managed and executed in field


Bunnings Plainland launch pushed back to June with rain delays in car park construction.


We have completed the Bunnings Plainland set up smoothly. The store opening was scheduled for May but has been pushed out to June as wet weather delayed completion of the car park.

Plainland is a rural locality within the Lockyer Valley Region in Queensland and is 75km west of Brisbane. The town has been identified as a growth hub and the preferred location for several services to support the growing needs of the Lockyer Valley Region.

The new store is expected to provide more than 80 team member jobs for local residents. It spans more than 9,000 square metres and has parking for over 180 cars.

Source – UNWRAP Large Format Retail


NSW Supervisor – Samantha Gilboy assisting a Bunnings Team member.

Our NSW Supervisor Samantha Gilboy has been auditing stores this month again. Regular supervisor audits allow us to maintain the highest store standards. They also help us keep across issues and plan for upcoming refits/relays.

All of our supervisors across the country conduct audits in metro and regional areas. We always provide feedback to our staff and use it as an opportunity to stay on top of standards such as cleanliness, ticketing, stock weight and execution of special projects.

Dianne Morris (right) at Hoxton Park NSW with Samantha Gilboy (left)    


Here are our anniversaries for May. Well done to one and all.

  • Rachael Spowart (NSW) – 7 Years
  • Kim Willoughby (NSW) – 6 Years
  • Jeremy Schouten (SA) – 6 Years
  • Jenelle Black (WA) – 6 Years
  • Nick Dowling (SA) – 4 Years
  • Sarah Murfet-Eastburn (Tas) – 3 Years
  • Kailee Warway (Vic) – 2 Years
  • Kaye Noyes (Tas) – 2 Years

May News 2021


We are working closely with a returning client to re-energise their products in the timber department in Victoria and South Australia. (Timber is often handled on a state by state basis to cater for local building regulations.) Orders in the timber department are generally large and very bulky.

It is critical to avoid over ordering / duplicating orders as it is very space sensitive. Bunnings have not moved timber over to ASR so it can be very carefully managed in a more manual way. Our team review daily incoming orders and place orders as required to ensure there are not stock overs or unders. We initially worked closely with our client to ensure a comprehensive knowledge transfer and now we are enjoying interacting with the timber yard team members to ensure suitable stock levels.

The timber department has not moved over to Automated Stock Replenishment. We work closely with Bunnings Team Members to ensure suitable stock levels.


Yeppoon is 40km NE of Rockhampton on the Capricorn Coast. We have been busy setting up the store for the grand opening this month. It was very satisfying to see the transformation as the store went from empty to full very quickly and the assistance from Bunnings staff was much appreciated. There were some challenges with missing stock but we were on top of chasing it down because that’s what we are here for.

Situated at the Capricorn Coast Homemaker’s Centre, the new store is much larger than the current neighbouring one at 8,900 sq m, providing more than 7,000 sq m more space.

Bunnings Yeppoon store manager Kath Dingley was excited to bring a bigger and better offering to local customers. She said the new store would allow them to stock a broader range of home and lifestyle products. The new store will create more than 60 additional jobs for locals.

Source: The Morning Bulletin

Stefanie Weston, Qld Supervisor came up to support the local merchandising team for the Yeppoon set up.


With the pandemic evidently being the single greatest event of the last 12 months, A Team Merchandising General Manager, Lyn Coghlan recently spoke with AHJ on her reflections.

While Lyn said there were inevitable interruptions last year, the reality is increase house holder demand had been good to the hardware industry overall.

“At a functional level we really did not need to adapt very much at all during and post-pandemic. Our field staff were already using sophisticated digital reporting tools to work remotely.”


Qld Brand Ambassador, Gary Ross is on top of things after the snap lock down.

Regular visits around the country are an important way for our management team to audit our standards in store and connect with clients and staff. Obviously, this has been on hold for the last year or so but we are pleased to say we are out and about again.

Our recent trip to NSW was very successful showing a high compliance to store standards.

Snap COVID lock downs are becoming part of life. We were able to adapt to recent lockdowns in Queensland and Western Australia. Thanks to our team, we caught up on supplier calls quickly after restrictions were lifted.

 James Coghlan, A Team Director catches up with Anna Church at Belrose NSW, during store audits.


We really appreciate our hardworking staff and they seem to think we are OK too because they stick around! Here are our anniversaries for April:

  • Christine Adams (Vic) – 11 Years
  • Colleen Stieler (Qld) – 9 Years
  • Johann Lennox (Vic) – 8 Years
  • Loretta Boniface (Qld) – 6 Years
  • Nikki Geisler (Qld) – 6 Years
  • Vicki Waters (WA) – 6 Years
  • Martin Delia (Vic) – 5 Years

April News 2021


Our standard method of servicing clients through a shared call to Bunnings stores is a well proven, time efficient model and most clients appreciate the cost benefits. However, we are finding some clients are asking for a more focused approach. As a result, we have launched our brand ambassador program.

Our brand ambassador’s role has a strong hands on component. For designated calls they are 100% dedicated to the appointed brand in assigned metro areas. These calls focus on specialized tasks such as maintaining complex displays to a consistent standard, intensive focus on POS, F&B tags, off location displays and sharing market information with Bunnings staff.
The brand ambassador’s role also has important colleague mentoring and client collaboration elements. Our ambassadors bolster brand presence in regional areas by conducting training for our regular merchandising team and performing audits on program execution standards. Our ambassadors also work with client area managers for any troubleshooting or special requirements. Our clients have appreciated us conducting joint calls to accelerate specific programs.
We are finding clients are achieving a strong return on investment on this dedicated service.
Jolanda Pegel (Creen) is a great example of the calibre of people we have in our team and specifically the brand ambassador program. Jolanda will be known to many in the industry. She was the first female buyer at John Danks and Son. Jolanda has remained in the industry gaining vast experience working directly in field. Jolanda is a perfect fit with the A Team 100% hardware dedicated approach.

Brand Ambassadors represent a great return on investment for our clients. We welcome Jolanda Pegel as our new Brand Ambassador for Vic / Tas


The massive five-storey Bunnings Frenchs Forest will span over 20,000 square metres and will be the first store in NSW to have three levels of retail and on-site parking for almost 400 cars.

“We’re pleased to receive approval for a new multi-level Bunnings Warehouse in Frenchs Forest and are currently reviewing the conditions,” said Bunnings Regional Operations Manager Alan Harvey.

“The construction cost is estimated to be approximately $48 million and the new store is expected to create over 130 team member jobs, as well as additional jobs throughout construction.

“While it is too early to confirm an opening date, we look forward to providing a wide range of home and lifestyle products to the Frenchs Forest community,” concludes Mr Harvey.

This store will be almost as big as the new $55 million Midland Warehouse in Perth’s northeast that opened in December.
It is the biggest Bunnings Warehouse in Western Australia spanning more than 21,000 square metres and on-site parking for 480 vehicles.
The new Frenchs Forest store will be located at the corner of Warringah Road and Allambie Road.

Source – Large Format Retail Association


Vicki Waters with Bunnings Team member

We have just successfully completed a new product installation task Australia wide. As a merchandiser would know – new installations vary from store to store.

The task involved cutting two brand new lines into the shower head bay which was already very tight for space. Our staff have the know how to adapt to varying layouts and get the job done.

Without stepping on any other suppliers toes our merchandisers managed to fit the products. Our client is looking forward to positive results in the bay so they can sell.

Vicki Waters the State Supervisor from WA has been making sure her team are right on top of it even though some of the merchandiser had to deal with the Northam Floods!



Our staff are the core of our business. We take pride in the fact that many of our staff have been with us for many years helping us deliver a reliable, knowledgeable service. A shout out to staff who had employment anniversaries in March:

  • Cassandra D’Amelio – Victoria – 8 Years
  • Janice Davies – Western Australia – 4 Years
  • Amity Prizeman – Queensland – 3 years
  • Kimberley Clark – Queensland – 3 Years
  • Joann Lam – New South Wales – 3 Years
  • Shelley Langley – Western Australia – 3 Years
  • Tania Teis – Queensland – 2 Years

Congrats Susan!!

We recently had our very first “A Team Hens Night” in honour of our state manager Susan Waheed who got hitched in March. Everything was spectacular, from the decorations to the food, drinks and company!

March News 2021

Space Allocation Survey - Project Services In Action

Susan Waheed and Michelle Warway with
another one of our happy clients

We are able to assist with all kinds of project work including special request surveys. Bunnings recently conducted a national program to survey the number of bays utilised per category for selected departments. Bunnings initiated this project to gather information for planning future space allocation by product group. 

A Team played a big part completing the survey on behalf of a client for 78 Bunnings stores in Victoria. All Melbourne Metro stores were completed in 4 days by Susan Waheed (State Supervisor) and Michelle Warway (2IC) and the Regional stores were completed in 7 days.

Our client and Bunnings were appreciative of the professional and efficient turn around to assist in future planning.


• Trading from 5th February 2021 • 10000m2 size • A Team Merchandising are proud to be servicing weekly

• Trading from 30th January 2021 • Small Format Store
• A Team Merchandising are proud to be servicing fortnightly

Recent Stores

We love setting up new stores for our clients. All the recent new store action has been in Victoria with Melton East opening in January and Seymour opening in February.

Melton East is a replacement store for the area. Bunnings are showing some real innovation here. The in home storage category features interactive smart home displays even displaying shoes! Other areas to receive a lift are updated Solutions Plumbing Tapware and the expansion of Safety Wear with a new display. The complex spans nearly 18,000 square metres with parking for over 500 cars. We are proud to service it weekly.

This is Bunnings first entry into the Seymour market. It is small format store that sits across 4500 square metres with parking allowed for 70 cars. We have added a new local merchandiser to support our expanding team. We will service Seymour fortnightly.


Plainland Qld

Plainland is a rural locality within the Lockyer Valley Region in Queensland and is 75km west of Brisbane. The town has been identified as a growth hub and the preferred location for several services to support the growing needs of the Lockyer Valley Region.

Construction began in early October 2020 and the new store is expected to open in the second quarter of 2021. It will span more than 9,000 square metres and have parking for over 180 cars.

Bunnings Area Manager, Ben Corbin, said the new Bunnings store at Plainland represents a significant direct investment in the local community.

“The new store is expected to provide more than 80 team member jobs for local residents, and we look forward to opening a store to service customers in the Lockyer Valley region,” Ben said.

Source – Large Format Retail Association


Our 100% commitment to servicing Bunnings means we can deliver services completely tailored to optimising efficiency in dealing with them and working with our clients. Our range of specialised services include merchandising, projects such as new store set up and relays, training, marketing and much more.

ATeam live is a great example of a unique service we have developed. It is a web based, relevant reporting system with a client portal access via our website. A Team Live offers clients real time information from the field on completion of tasks by store, Questions and Answers, calls completed along with other reports which can be provided on request.

Our clients are able to log in to our server and see exactly what stores are being serviced and frequency of calls. It’s a great way to keep updated on specific tasks or any other photo / information required.

As soon as you log in with your unique username and password you are transferred to the dashboard. The dashboard provides information on orders taken daily and for the week. You can also see what stores have been serviced recently with order numbers and $ amount.

If a client requests information they are able to access it though the left corner of the screen titled “Tasks”. By clicking on that you will get a drop-down box with every task.

A Team Merchandisers MUST take before and after photos of client’s products which can be accessed through the dashboard.

The Dashboard is the main hub that takes you anywhere and everywhere you need to go!


Each month we will share an update from a selected state. It’s been an interesting month or two in Victoria with 2 new store openings, client projects and another mandatory lockdown for 3 working days.

Despite the challenges we have managed to stay on track. A big thanks to Susan Waheed our State Supervisor for getting everything done!

As Bunnings and our client base grows we continue to develop our team. We are pleased to welcome new A Team staff to support the following stores:

  • Seymour
  • Sunbury
  • Horsham
  • Warnambool

Plumbing Products set up by ATeam

Electrical Products set up by ATeam

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